The Matera of Tuscany


The municipality of Sorano is very extensive at a territorial level, one of the largest in the province of Grosseto, ranging from the slopes of Monte Amiata in the north to Lazio in the east.
In this area, in addition to the capital located in a central position, there are numerous hamlets that make up the historical-cultural mosaic of the municipality, ten to be precise. Each of them has its own charm, a rich history and above all a lively community.
In the north, north-east area are the hamlets of San Giovanni delle Contee, Montevitozzo, the castle of Montorio and Castell’Ottieri. Further south, a few kilometers from the capital are San Valentino and Elmo. Moving east and then towards Lazio, Cerreto with its sanctuary and the most populous hamlet of San Quirico di Sorano. Finally, to the south-west to compose the triptych of the tuff cities: Sovana, certainly the richest and most important hamlet from a historical and tourist point of view.